We were a start up company out of the University of Utah with limited financial resources and time. We needed some circuit design work, followed by a board layout and the creation of our Gerber files. Chad Mann and his team were sensitive to the stage of our company’s finances (their billing time was fair, they came in on-budget and on-time). They also worked with our tight (occasional chaotic) timelines. The quality of work was excellent. We had the usual one or two bugs in our design that they helped us find and correct. MannMade Engineering took the approach of wanting us to succeed. They have many contacts within the technology community and, when needed, introduced us to other experts/service providers for other aspects of our design. They are a great group to work with and I continue to use them in our design evolution. They have played a role in our success.

Scott McClellan, CTO, Stream DX



It has been a pleasure working with MannMade Engineering. Perfect delivery of engineering design and bidding our fast-turn custom PCB print and assembly. Our prototype was delivered on-time and within budget. ArduSat looks forward to our continued collaboration.

Kevin Cocco, CTO, ArduSat



MannMade Engineering worked on a board layout for Design Criteria, Inc. in an efficient and quick manner. The work performed was very cost effective.

Carl Belnap, President, Design Criteria, Inc.

1821 W. 4000 S., Suite 200, Roy, UT 84067

(801) 393-1414



This is a letter of appreciation to Chad Mann, CEO at MannMade Engineering for his help in a very time sensitive project for Las Vegas, Nevada based Black Diamond Choppers, LLC. It was only after the fact that we came to know of his professional resume, which only heightened our level of appreciation that someone with so much going for himself would extend himself so wholly and completely to the needs of a practical stranger. Specifically, we contacted Chad with a request.

Now most would take a position and stance of ” Your emergency does not constitute or require my urgency” but instead he was surprisingly kind and responsive. He didn’t put anything on the back burner or leave us hanging, but instead rather rolled up his sleeves and went immediately to work to help us succeed in the design we very much needed. His attitude embraced the concept one should expect from a consultant and his skillsets though humbly exposed are off the charts in our estimation.

This project involves the fabrication of a part which is critical and integral to providing the best to a customer of ours. In fact; without it the deal would be a bust and the customer would most likely walk away dissatisfied. The speed and competence of Chad’s solution to our needs was right on the line between incredible and amazing. When it was delivered it was everything hoped for and more. Jaws dropped among all the principals of our project because we anticipated a long winded and expensive solution to our problem and Chad achieved the opposite and most favorable of results.

We are a new Custom Motorcycle repair shop and are venturing into projects more suited to companies with deep pockets. When we take on a project we have to compensate for the slim to none profit margin with intellect and experience. We have an incredible team here and our lead mechanic has over 30 years behind the wrench. So it isn’t lightly said that it seems by only a lucky accident we have found a person in Chad, who is cut from the same cloth.

We are deeply grateful to you Chad and have earmarked your number in our vendors section of the rolodex so that at each and every Big Money opportunity we can bring you the first right of refusal to come on board. Thank You again and we will stay in touch.

“Ghost” James C. Sparkman General Manager of Black Diamond Choppers, LLC.

3863 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

(702) 755-1228



I have known Chad Mann professionally for the past 10 years. Recently, I have been working with him at MannMade Engineering where he has accepted different projects with the enthusiasm I would always expect of him, regardless of the nature of the job.

Furthermore, I have always found them very reliable, honest and trustworthy.

Nigel Brent

President, Nigel B Design