Engineering Services

Design Feasibility

We have many clients that come to us for product feasibility studies. We help guide them to see whether their concept is technically feasible or not. This simple service can save thousands on engineering costs.

Product Engineering

Product engineering is the core of our business. We have engineered many world-class products for our customers. We offer standardized platforms as a base to build from. However, we do offer custom platform options to our customers allowing them to meet their specific needs. Our design process starts with initial specifications, and follows the project all the way through to production runs.

Prototype Development

MannMade Engineering specializes in prototype development. We have a wide spectrum of in-house equipment to get your prototypes completed quickly. We offer many development services such as 3D printing, powder coating, machining, and more.

Project Management

Managing your design from prototypes to large production runs can be very complex. We offer Project Management services to keep your project on track and on budget.